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Blending style and technique with ratio, scale, and proportion to create unique hand-crafted work.

Harmony can be achieved through correct proportion and appropriate scale. This core belief is integrated with my meticulous creative process, bringing patrons the finest hand-crafted furniture. I create a draft on graph paper based on my customers requests and acquire the finest materials for the project before heading to my workshop, where I turn a concept into reality.


Paired Vestibule Mirror


Pair of vestibule mirrors in wenge.The radiused endgrain forming the oyster shell patern is one of the striking features of this crafted profile.It’s structured to form a cross subtly reflecting religious iconology. Current price: $4,500.

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Antique Hickory Chairs


This restored set of four chairs are strikingly minimalized. New woven caneseats and an old hand painted finish adds charm to a great design. They were built to endure over a hundred years of use and restored to last for another. Current Price: $2,000.

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Step Chair

This chair transforms into a step ladder, making it the perfect addition to any library.

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Reading Stand

Honduran Mahogany

This reading stand features a lift top pencil drawer and bottom tray hand cut dovetails. French polished, it blends the finest proportions with great utility combine to create this stand. Current price: $1,500.

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Drop Leaf Table


The half mortice lock dovetail drawer uses the lightest of measure to make this very resouceful drop leaf table. It features a French polish and hand cut dovetail pinned mortice and tenoned joinery. Current price: $1,800.

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Antique Swedish Woodworking Bench


Great aged bench fully functioning woodworking bench with high potential for multipurpose use. It is versatile yet aesthetically pleasing and visually powerful. Current price: $4,000.

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Television Cabinet


This entertainment center is modeled after the 1700′s French countryside style. It comes equipped with an automatic hydraulic lift. A stand alone piece; its dressed sides, cabriole legs, full barrell hinges, french polish, and hand carved details allows the patron to have to have an intimate viewing experience. It is capable of fitting a 32 inch screen and the TV lifts and retracts in and out of the cabinet. Current price: $10,500.

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Lodge Kitchen


All finishes for the kitchen were developed specifically with the Antique interiors in mind. It features an Avocado green with rubbed corners using a pressed wax method and eggshell finish. All the built ins contain a multi-purpose storage space as necessitated by its function.

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Paired Lamp Standards

Tapered Walnut

Designed with harmony in mind, this tapered lamp has a ratio of 1×1, meaning that at any given point, the height of the lamp is equal to its width. It is finished with a French polish. Current price: $3,000.

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French Dresser

White Oak

This dresser is functional as well as visually stunning. A grandfather clock is incorporated into the upper section and the Wine and Beer bottles add a folk art type element, balancing out this seemingly imposing piece.

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Renaissance Bench


The Renaissance Bench converts into a pullout bed for guests. Its colunms, bifold top, and winged cherubs allow you to sleep with the angels.

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My foundation for the design of this library originates from antiquity. It includes a nook or bed behind an opening which is traditionally for the elderly to stay. I believe the designation of shared space allows families to stay comfortable and connected. It has black and red rubbed finish and stain glass featuring sacred geometry and quarter foil panels. It also has aged details, a pullout tray for referencing, and concealed overhead storage space.

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